Friday, June 02, 2006

Out of the mouths...

In an article on the Telegraph today, Andrew Gimson ruefully notes that his wife intesnely dislikes David Cameron. Bad news eh? After all, Telegraph columnists and their kin should (apart from Heffer obviously) be onside in this. Not quite.

She stood as a Labour candidate in the Gospel Oak ward of Camden, north London, which until May 5 was represented by three Labour councillors, but now has three Tories.

I see. Not so bad then, we expect Labour candidates to dislike us. But wait, there's more.

Having been born and raised in Scotland, she dislikes Mr Cameron because "there's something profoundly English, patrician and monied about him, and he's coming up with what appear to be forward-looking ideas, but I think they're truly conservative and all about keeping the status quo and not changing the world much"

I knew that there was something I liked about DC. Thanks go to Mrs Gimson for identifying what it was.


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