Thursday, May 25, 2006

Whats the matter with George...

Some very encouraging news for the Tories from the Guardian in terms of public opinion moving towards them in some very key areas including public services and law and order.

The legacy of Black Wednesday does however linger to an extent - despite the appalling downward trends in productivity, record tax increases, huge extensions in the public sector etc etc, Labour retain a lead in terms of managing the economy. Diminished, sure, from 20-odd points to 7, but still there.

It is essential that the Tories take this ground - and I think it may therefore be essential to swap out George Osbourne for William Hague.

Osbourne is a clever, influential and free thinking guy who has done well and frankly not put a foot wrong. His tragedy is that he looks about 12, has a high voice and doesnt come across as a credible chancellor. Were he actually chancellor, this wouldn't matter - but as all you have in opposition is your gravitas, it is an issue.

Hague has 'bottom', is formidably bright, has fixed his earlier image issues and would bring gravitas to the role - and enable us to take over the commanding height in this area as well.

The challenge is how to do it without it seeming like a demotion / failure for DC's Chief of Staff? Options include sending O to foreign office or Defence (Fox to FO) or making him a new Chairman of the Party responsible for the Gorst-like resurgence we need.

But he has to go.


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