Friday, May 05, 2006

We're all working class now

On the Today programme as well this morning they had a debate on the news that some 40% of us now self-define as middle-class. In order to talk about whatever implications this might have (precious few as far as I can see) they roped in some Spart-a-like from Compass (the quasi-Marxist think tank quaintly described as 'of the left').

Among various tired academicesque cliches ('false consciousness', 'social construct' etc ad nauseam) this no-doubt bearded leftie made the astonishing definition of 'working class' as anyone who worked using their hands or their brains.

Apart from politics and some branches of academia, can anyone suggest a job that is not, by this definition, working class? As far as I can tell, Investment bankers, City lawyers, brick-layers carpenters and surgeons are now all of a class. Maybe it's time for a re-definition. How about working class and non-working class? For those of us who bother to go out to work and those of us who don't.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... or how about those who go out to work and generate wealth to pay for the rest of the state sector parasites who just spend it...

10:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The neatest definitions you can come up with are probably:

1. Layabouts: Habitual non-workers.

2. Renters: Habitually employed, living in council house or private rented flat.

3. Owners: Habitually employed, own the house they live in.

4. Wealthy: Substantial private investments, could give up work and live (at a reduced standard of living) on the interest.

It's not sufficient, however, just to look at how rich an individual is. You have to look at they people he assosciates with (family, friends). That'll get you about as close as you can get to "class", I think.

10:42 pm  

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