Monday, May 22, 2006

too clever by half

Everyone - well lots of people - is getting terribly excited by the prospect that the Gobblin' King will never be PM.

Balls, say I. Blair will resign after 10 years in the job (Prescott will resign after 10 years on the job) and Brown will ascend to power, supported by both left ("he's a real socialist") and right ("he is a reformer") of the labour party. He will disappoint both left and right, and fail to convince the English to vote for him. Labour will lose their majority, but alongside the Lib Dems, will seek to govern in essence from the celtic fringe. Which will drive everyone barmy.

He is simply awful, but don't let us kid ourselves - he is inevitable both as Labour Leader and as PM. For a little while...

Picture - thanks DK!!


Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Nae bother: 'tis pinched from the Beeb anyway. I rather liked this fusion of Gordon and Bowie...


4:26 pm  

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