Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summer begins

And it even looks like it in London today - sun shining and pollen shimmering. Over at the home of cricket England are limbering up for the First Test against Sri Lanka, starting in half an hour,
and as if Freddie, the new patron saint of English cricket, wasn't already one of the coolest people in the world today, word reaches me of a new dimension to him: political commentator.

Matthew Hoggard called the Prime Minister a knob when we were celebrating winning the Ashes at a Downing Street function, and you know what? That's the first thing Hoggy's got right in a while. Blair is a knob.

Sod Adam Rickett, Lousie Bagshawe and Zac Goldsmith, we clearly have a prime contender for the Tory A-list right here. Andrew Flintoff MP has a certain ring to it.


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