Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sharp edged musings...

I've already posted my concerns about the increasing thuggery in this country and the consequent moral quandary in which the majority of law-abiding citizens are placed: namely, should one intervene if one sees an unlawful act being perpetrated, particularly against another citizen, but in so doing, run the risk of being knifed?

We have in the papers today yet another story of yet another knifing resulting in yet another pointless death. One witness was reported in the Times as saying "A few people were thinking of running after the man who stabbed Barry but were stopped because we knew he had a knife". You know what I think about this, so I will not expand further. I will, however, ask this question: exactly where was that man going to buy a pint for 40p?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the same city a few weeks ago, I woke up in hospital late one Sunday morning, after escorting a few French mates to and from a local rugby game.

The police told me I'd been punched and kicked unconscious (random, and totally unprovoked): no memory of the incident due to the severity of the attack.

The police had: witnesses, CCTV footage, and interviewed the man that assaulted me.

However, it will not be going to court. (!)

Any wonder EMigration is at record levels? I really fear for my kids.

What was that slogan again? "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime..."

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