Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Non Angeli sed ghastly

So embarrassing when you end up at the same party and in the same outfit as someone else. Especially when you are supposed to be wearing something else.

Now I dont hold much of a brief for the Pope, but why can't Cherie Blair see a tradition or custom without spitting it its face? Even when they relate to something that must on the face of it be important to her - like her catholic faith?

Why, when the Sainted Dennis and colourless Norma offer such good examples of low profile spouses who accept that they weren't elected to anything therefore their views are utterly unimportant, won't she follow recent precedent and stay out of the way?

There is much to be worried about in the impending Brown administration - but one of the things for which to thank God will be that this Monstrous Regiment of a Woman, this rude, graceless, vulgar, grasping, selfish, greedy woman and all her works will be gone.


Blogger dearieme said...

You might at least refer to her by her proper title. Ms Greedie Boot.

4:21 pm  

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