Thursday, May 18, 2006

A list musings

I am something of a Cameroonie - if that is the word - in that I rather agree with Dave that before we Tories can actually try and achieve anything we need to overcome the gag reflex that the General Public (curse 'em) still seem in part to have.

To this end I think that, whilst being a load of rot, it makes sense for Dave to bang on about the environment and what-not so that we manage to change the mood music for the party: more tree hugging and less baby eating being the order of the day. Good stuff say we all.

Also, along those lines, we do need to find a way to manage our MP selection to help this process of "demonstrable change" along and to this end an A list makes a great deal of sense. Again, well played, say I. So far so good.

However it strikes me that many of the people who often want to be MPs, especially at a young age, are pretty bloody ghastly. On the Tory side, many of them are the same people who upon arriving at Balliol or somewhere similar, rushed out and bought a brand new tweed coat and assumed an 'aughty h'accent what they never spoke like at 'ome; others are genuine patrician throw backs whose views on a range of subj. are unlikely to warm the cockles of the hearts of those born after, oh, 1866; others are nasty garagistes - and still more are lawyers. Does not an A list merely create a sort of horrible creme de la creme of awfulness, in a sort of Tory Boy meets Pop Idol?

I worry that in real life regionalism is more important than celebrity, credibility better than looks and hard work on the door step more critical than name recognition.

I hope that when these A listers become proper candidates, there is the equivalent of a S'arnt Major to say 'right, you 'orrible little A lister, you are mine now and you are going to work..."


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