Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The harrying of the North

I refer of course to the acvtive decision to create Labour fiefdoms in the North and Wales to add to Scotland where the unhealthy measure of devolution and its inevitable, useless additional layers of government has created nation employed by the Government and led by fools pursuing a Socialist dream funded from England.

The same is happening in the North and Wales, in the latter around 50% of people are employed by the Government, aka the taxpayer, many of the rest are 'long term unemployed', or as they term it 'on the sick'.

The purpose: to create vassals of big Government who will support it, as their liege and funder, through thick and thin.

The beneficiary: Labour, especially the Gobblin' King, the instigator of the 'salaries for support' scandle and in whose image the public sector has been cast.

The payer: this is funded by the rest of England, who must generate the real productive wealth to fund the unproductive swathe of inspectors and outreach officials, managers and strategists, consultants and advisors who are attached like remorra fish to the public purse.

William 1, King of England and Duke of Normandy, harried the North to starve rebellion. Productive mills and farms were destroyed, people displaced and a once proud people stamped into serfdom by a destroyed economy that left them wholly dependent on the central power - rebellion was nolonger an option.

As it was, it is. Only this time the North have been eager and active participants in their own destruction.


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