Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ding Ding All Change..?

At the moment things are ticking along in a pleasing and amusing fashion.

Prescot's affairs seem to be legion, Charles Clarke's incompetence is manifest, Comical Hewitt's bon mots resonate nicely through the political discourse, the PLP are trying to manage expectations for the council elections so that anything less than the lynching of canvassers will be seen as something of a triumph...

Surely, we say rubbing gleeful hands together, the Gobblin' King (as DK dubs the Brownian Motion) must be tarred with the same brush. The electorate will see that most of the problems of this administration are domestic: the ever growing tax burden, repressive laws, failed health service, the growls of the trade unions, the collapse in productivity, the lost control of our borders, the miserable retreat of reform on education - as well as the sweaty Blair paw mark, all these bear the sign of the Beast.

And yet... Tony hangs on so that the scandles are forever associated with him - his real legacy being to take the fall for Gordon, to hang on and become so mired in the fall of an administration so that Gordon can step in, reshuffle his cabinet promoting leftists likeEd Balls, Ed Miliband, Vera Baird, John Denham, Angela Eagle, David Chaytor, and Tony Wright (whose praises are sung by the ghastly Toynbee and who must therefore be unspeakable).

Why do this? Because they believe that in this way the much sought after 'change' can be provided for from within the ranks of the left, much as they believe Johm Major provided sufficient change to hold off the Labour Party in 1992, and their calculation is that the British people are stupid enough to fall for it.

And you know what, I reckon they are right.


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