Friday, May 26, 2006

Dam' right!

As the Reptile pointed out, Niall Ferguson spent a term trying to drum early 20th Century history into my head. He was a hugely stimulating tutor: intelligent, articulate, challenging and supportive and a first class man.

I never bothered the lecture halls much until Hilary of my last year when impending exams led to a drammatic lifestyle change. Niall did a series of lectures ostensibly for 1st years but really made them finals cramming sessions which were just superb. Interestingly the room was packed - partly with finalists but mostly with 1st and 2nd year females - it was rather like that scene in Indiana Jones!

Watching him on Question Time reinforced my view that the man is a absolute legend.

And that Clegg, despite being one of the best of a bad lot, is still an ass, a fool and a liar.


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