Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cruel irony

Stephen Pollard, quite correctly, calls the Lib Dem Health spokesman Steve Webb on his ludicrous and illiberal early day motion that states that 'there is no need for a bigger big mac.' As Polard says, this is probably a decision that can safely be left to consumers, rather than be determined by Webb and his ghastly friends in Westminster. What the damn hell he thinks his job is supposed to be that enables him to lead calls for ordering the menus of independent food companies I don't know, but I suspect he needs to be reminded of the meaning of 'liberal.'

It is, however, the timing of Pollard's article, so soon after the death of Eric Forth that strikes me as cruel. I can hear Forth's stentorian tones, bellowing from beyond the grave:

"Declare your interest, fatty!"


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