Monday, April 10, 2006


I too have noticed the dismally disheartening missive sent out by Patrick Stewart of the bald head and fruity voice. Cold Steel reminds us that one of Stewart's earlier roles was that of Sejanus in I Claudius. Not one of our nicer customers was young Sejanus.

In short, a lying, disreputable ambitious shit who would stop at nothing to achieve absolute power.

Do go and read the whole thing, there's definitely not enough Juvenal quoted on blogs - but don't get too disheartened by the future echoes you may perceive. I recently observed in the Mamertine Prison, famous chiefly these days for having housed SS Peter and Paul, a small (and highly slective) roll-call of famous victims. Prominent among these was a name that jumped out at me: Sejanus, AD 31, strangled. It may be a touch optimistic but then there are times when, looking at the variety of crooks, thugs, thieves and patronising harridans that form our current administration the Reptile finds himself echoing (and misquoting) young Gaius Caligula (promising lad I thought) "If only the British Government had but a single neck!" Eheu!


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