Thursday, April 06, 2006

The elephant in the room

So now the whiskers have been torn off and the true purpose of the 'newless budget' has been revealed - a stealth tax that destroys retrospectively the protection afforded by trusts, diverting hardearned family money from cascading down the generations and diverting it into the swamp of socialist statist fruitless spending.

Labour stands there - red in tooth and claw, gorged on the fruits of other peoples labour, having once more savaged the attempts of the middle classes to support their own with the proceeds of lives of hard work which have been taxed repeated times:
- taxed through the medium of income tax, sales tax, ni contributions etc
- taxed through stamp duties at every move
- taxed through the need to purchase private education to free families from the grind of sub-standard education provided by the dead hand of the state
- taxed through the need to ensure that private health coverage is in place to try and improve the chance of decent medical help.

The amazing thing is that anyone is surprised - at the end of the day someone must pay for the huge increase in highly paid civil servants doing nothing jobs, the armies of over-paid management consultants who feed off the public sector's incompetance creating a second layer of effectively state-funded employees. That someone is you and I. This is the elephant in the room.

However it is not enough for the tories to say 'cut taxes' - that is always too easy to paint as 'slash services' and like drug addicts the increasingly feckless public need their fix. No - first we must change the language, pointing out all the time that government doesnt have any money, it just takes yours. That every single penny spent in public investment represents value taken from you. That every time a council recruits a lesbian (pre-teen) outreach commissioner it makes it that bit harder for you to take your kids on holiday.

Until people realise that this is their money they won't allow change. Until people feel they dont want to be plugged into the government drip, they wont contemplate change. And to take out the drip - they have to trust the nurse.

That is David Cameron's job now - first to lull the public into letting him near them, like a vet with a skittish horse and when he is near enough, to start changing the language used to frame politics, getting them to understand and then use his words.

Then we can bury socialism once again. For another few years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in Scotland ,more than half the workforce is employed by the state or local government .Why on earth would they or their dependants vote for anyone other than Labour , they know who will come through for them.

6:43 pm  

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