Monday, March 20, 2006

Six Nations Roundup - no 5

And it's all over. The final round of matches followed a course that has been set over the tournament: France did enough to win without making the heart beat faster, Italy were solid and impressive but unable to finish their good work, Scotland were muscular and determined, Wales were unconvincing (though miles better than before), Ireland were opportunistic and excellent at finishing, and England were strong up front, unimaginative everywhere else and really rather unlucky.

It's been a fun tournament, though not notable for any particularly good quality rugby. Italy have been most impressive, despite not actually winning anything, England, by some margin, least impressive. To finish fourth twice in a row is unforgivable when a team has as much talent as England do. To show such lamentable skills in the field is even worse. France were worthy winners, not least because she made fewer mistakes than anyone else. If the team had turned up at Murrayfield this would have been a Grand Slam in the bag. As for the future, there was nothing on display from anyone that would have made New Zealand worry - look to see the Webb Ellis trophy go back down under next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly I would say this was a good result for English rugby - inasmuch as a scrappy win over Ireland would have distracted from the real structural problems we have in the team and its leadership.

Now there is no excuse - and we must move towards a wholescale reform in advance of the autumn internationals. New coach and new skipper are only the starting points.

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