Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting it...

Scott, over at the Daily Ablution, has scattered his righteous disdain and (occasionally) anger fairly equally over the Guardian and the Independent. Over here, and at many other blogs, the Indy gets off remarkably lightly. There is a simple reason for this: apathy and idleness. While the Guardian has practically all its content easily accessible online the Indy hides most of its behind a subscription wall. As a result, no linking is possible which makes posts much less effective. Also I'm far too stingy to fork out each day for a paper purely for the purpose of poking holes in its reportage and poking fun at its reporters.

But the Indy is missing a trick. The Guardian now has a global reach far beyond its print circulation through its website. Wider dissemination of opinions is what newspapers are about; it's really what they are for. For the Independent to forgo this seems perverse.


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