Monday, February 20, 2006

Mozambican magazine in the news...

Oddly not one of these, though the country remains awash with the damn things. Last time I went, admittedly 8 years ago, you could pick up an AK47 for five US, and for 15 you got a cow to use as a target.

This time it's the Maputo-based weekly (thats Lourenco Marques for those of you of an imperialist bent) Savana that has put its head above the parapet by publishing 8 of the infamous Mo-toons. Muslim leaders are apparently keeping a low profile. No doubt this is partly because most Mozambicans have too recent a memory of what real civil unrest looks like to want any repetition. The fact that when I saw them the Mozambican military didn't look like they needed to big a push to take their safeties off might be a factor as well...


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