Thursday, June 08, 2017

Polling day Blues

This election has been a bit like the Boer War. On paper, it should be bloody easy for the Tories (playing the British): they've got the men, they've got the ships (kinda) and, most importantly, they've got the money too. Jeremy Corbyn's rag-tag band of irregulars should be an absolute pushover.

And, in the end, the Tories are going to win. Steamrollering their way to an inelegant victory. But, God, it's been unedifying stuff.

For a party led by actual Marxists who are literally and verifiably terrorist sympathisers, Labour have proved extremely hard to lay a glove on. My guess here is that the Labour leadership is so very bad that even a dry recitation of their positions on economics, defence and terrorism sounds like a hysterical McCarthyite denunciation. Add to that an impressively disingenuous Labour campaign and you end up with the person accurately describing the Labour leader's views being the bad guy, and the kindly twinkly-eyed old useful idiot looking like everyone's favourite granddad.

Add to that the incredible, apparently unkillable tribalism of the left, and you end up with a Labour party that is almost certainly going to win more votes than it did last time round. Which is not what I thought would happen, to say the least.