Thursday, August 08, 2013

Respect for the opposition...

Cor, these Aussies don't half whinge when they're losing. There's an Aussie broadcaster claiming that England are cheating by using silicone tape on their bats, an odd accusation, since the majority of 'missed' Hotspot nicks (i.e. ones that Snicko has later picked up) have been off Aussie batsmen - Smith, Warner, Clarke. The England batsman (Trott, Pietersen) have been given out lbw even though Hotspot did pick up the nick.

Even more bizarre than that is an article by Shane Warne which moans that England players have been 'smug' in their press interviews, and haven't been treating the opposition with enough respect. The example Warne uses is that Graeme Swann denied that England had had a bad couple of days, and said "We will just go out and bat now on this flat Old Trafford wicket.” If this is the sort of arrogant, smug behaviour that gets Shane's back up, then I can only surmise that Liz Hurley has wiped his memory, as well as whitenening his teeth and smoothing his forehead.
I was always respectful to both [the game and the opposition] and felt grateful for the opportunity to have the chance to play international cricket and especially respectful and humble to the opposition.
One of the things that really characterised the Australian side between 1992 and 2007 was their humility, good manners and respect for their opposition. To back up Shane's argument, here's a picture of him being especially respectful and humble.


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