Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Uh Oh

This doesn't sound at all worrying.
North Korea Declares War Truce 'Invalid'
Pyongyang Declares End to 1953 Armistice.
Couple this with the comment piece in the FT recently by Deng Yuwen (you know, the deputy editor of the journal of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China) titled “China Should Abandon North Korea”, and China's support for tighter sanctions following the North Korean nuclear missile test, and something of a pattern seems to emerge - not a terribly encouraging one at that.

Yuwen's piece argued:
Considering these arguments, China should consider abandoning North Korea. The best way of giving up on Pyongyang is to take the initiative to facilitate North Korea’s unification with South Korea. Bringing about the peninsula’s unification would help undermine the strategic alliance between Washington, Tokyo and Seoul; ease the geopolitical pressure on China from northeast Asia; and be helpful to the resolution of the Taiwan question.
I can't see that line of argument being particularly welcome in Pyongyang. All in all, it's hard to disagree with Gideon Rachman in today's FT:
There is also clearly a growing risk of military skirmishes between North and South Korea, perhaps in the next few weeks. And there must also be a chance that the North Korean regime will ultimately use its weapons – unleashing a nuclear war, just 500 miles from Beijing.
There's something to look forward to.


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