Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Riddell. Again.

Riddell. Again.

I begin to grow weary of slating Mary Riddell and the Telegraph.  But it does have to be done, not least because she is so reliably wrong about everything.  Usually that is a matter of interpretation of facts, but not today.

Mr Cameron, who will run on the most Eurosceptic ticket of any mainstream leader since 1973, is dangerously estranged from many in his own party.

Now, not only is this wrong on interpretation – the Tory party is, as I have pointed out previously, remarkably united in its Euroscepticism – but also simply and straightforwardly wrong on its facts.  The 1983 Labour manifesto proposed the following direct promise:

We will also open immediate negotiations with our EEC partners, and introduce the necessary legislation, to prepare for Britain's withdrawal from the EEC, to be completed well within the lifetime of the Labour government.

That goes above and beyond anything proposed by the Tories so far...


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