Monday, July 07, 2008

Slating the Tories, and other plans for 2010

There was an interesting article on Comment is Free by Charlie Beckett posing the question (admittedly not for the first time) of what will happen to blogging when the Tories win the next election. Will the right become emasculated and tedious (like the left)? Will the left become fractious and oppositionist (like, um, the left)?
Tim Worstall answered this pretty neatly ages ago:
For I think there's a fault line that runs through "political blogging" which isn't in fact properly appreciated. There are those who blog for a specific group, for a party, for their tribe. And there are those who blog in support of certain ideas, or ideals. The former group will indeed be liable to capture by the centre ("don't rock the boat old boy, not now we've got back into power again") and the latter will continue to scream for their cherished goals whichever party is in power.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, and despite the title of the blog, I'm no blue dog Conservative. I'll try and maintain my general low standards of disappointed commentary and snarky asides regardless of the party in power. I doubt I'll be nearly so angry as the Devil - frankly I doubt I have the requisite amount of bile - but I won't meekly toe the party line. Well, not unless they make it worth my while...
While I'm on the subject, I'll try and get around to the burning question of whether Ray Lewis was a magistrate or only approved for the magistracy, and why this horrific scandal means that Boris is doomed as soon as I can. Just waiting for inspiration to strike...

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