Friday, April 11, 2008

Just what the fuck is it with Steve Bell?

Steve Bell, as funny as a man dying of pancreatic cancer, has decidedly unsubtle views on politics and what's funny. George Bush, for example, was depicted as a chimp in, ooh, about 2000 and that has remained the joke in every single cartoon since. Ah ha.
Now Boris is depicted as Hitler. Complete with the hilarious accusation that he is proposing to gas both Jews and blacks - equal opportunities see?

Quite apart from the fantastic offensiveness of this cartoon - I mean really, what the fuck were the Guardian thinking? - who really looks at Boris Johnson and thinks 'you know who that tousle-haired posh Tory from Henley reminds me of? Adolf Hitler, that's who'? It's fatuous. Incidentally, is this the least recognisable caricature ever? Even Private Eye's Boris the Menace was obviously supposed to be Boris. Bell can't even get the hair right. Still, I suppose that the combination of the deeply unfunny with the viscerally offensive is what makes the Guardian what it is...

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