Friday, March 28, 2008

Class warfare

Sam Coates, at the excellent Red Box blog, wonders whether the class warfare approach to David Cameron is going to pay dividends. Hazel Blears, at the conference in Liverpool, gave it a shot:
But you know, I don’t think David Cameron really gets it. I don’t think he’s really in touch with the lives of hard-working people. He’s never worried about the mortgage. Or not been able to afford a holiday. He doesn’t even like football, whether red or blue. When David Cameron came up to Bury, he met a stall-holder on Bury market selling black pudding. He tasted a bit, and asked what the flavouring was. And then he asked ‘is it oregano?’
"Of course the stall-holder said ‘no’. Oregano? In black pudding? I’ve never had a black pudding with oregano in it. I think when the elections come on 1st May, voters across the northwest will make their views on David Cameron very clear…
The relentless demoticism of the Labour Government is of course tiresome, and really, not everyone likes football. But the important thing here is, of course, Blear's blinkered attitude towards black pudding. If only she wasn't so tediously parochial, she would realise that oregano is a perfectly acceptable seasoning for black pudding.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This recipe, which I take to be English, also contains oregano.

May be you should collect them and send them to Hazel Blears.

10:04 pm  

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