Monday, July 23, 2007

Islamic Rage Boy

The cheerful chap above, now know around the world as Islamic Rage Boy, is apparently less than happy about the treatment he's been receiving.
From his home in Fateh Kadal, Malik Angan, he says: "I am not happy with people joking about me or making me into a cartoon, but I have more important things to think about. My protests are for those Muslims who cannot go out onto the streets to cry out against injustice. This is my duty and I believe Allah has decided this for me."
The prime source for the ridicule being so deservedly heaped on IRB is the nose on your face blog, but I think the Guardian might just have been taken in here:
Buckley F Williams, from the "conservative leaning" satirical news blog The Nose On Your Face, says: "We're anti-Muslim-extremism, the loudest voice of the Muslim world right now, which would lead one to believe it is the dominant voice of the Muslim faith.

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