Sunday, June 17, 2007

The week from hell

I guess that I epitomize most house-sitters, really. The owners disappear off on holiday for two weeks and leave their most treasured items in your care, with clear instructions on feeding the cat and looking after the hamster. The night before they return you suddenly remember that you have failed completely in your duties - the RSPCA have taken the cat into care, Richard Gere has run off with the hamster, and the house has been turned into a squat...

...well, the happy couple return to the Reptile House today (I think) so thought I really should just call in and check that everything is ok. Having set aside diary time all week to add to the blog, the whole thing got trashed by the week from hell at work. Typical. Still, at least my week wasn't as bad as Nicolas Sarkozy.

This clip is genius.


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