Friday, June 22, 2007

Terrible News!

Aren't they happy with this?

Truly awful news for the poor benighted Indians. As the Independent reports: India's economy is booming but its roads are a throwback to pre-industrial times. Among other things, this evidence in the peculiar nature of Indian traffic - a country where by far the most popular car is the Hindustan Ambassador (above) which is essentially identical to the Morris Oxford. Aging, and inefficient the model might be (sodding old and pretty awful is closer to the mark) but the Indy has more bad news in store. In fact this new development is Just what overcrowded polluting India doesn't need. The heinous sin perpetrated on Indians? A new, cheap and efficient car costing only $3,000. Poor buggers, cheap and effective transport is so dreadfully awful for them. Besides all those rickshaws and knackered old bangers made its streets so evocative to see when you're on holiday.

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