Thursday, May 03, 2007


In analysing constituencies, some figures are illuminating. It's instructive that average property proces in Kensington and Chelsea are £715,000, while in Rhondda they are a mere £61,000. What is less insightful is the 'urban intelligence' quotient. This figure, which is highest in Battersea, gives the proportion of academics and students and public sector professionals in the constituency. In the past I would have qualified under two of these (no prozes for guessing which) and have a reasonable amount of day-to-day contact with the third, and I dpn't think I'm entirely alone in questioning the title. Perhaps 'urban emotional immaturity' would have been better - unless you genuinely believe that Battersea is the home of British intelligent society.
Incidentally, it's 'Who or why or which or what/Is the Akond of Swat?' Isn't it lucky these guys have editors...

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