Monday, February 19, 2007

Wife in the North

Blogs can move things along quickly no? Wife in the North only started blogging in November last year, only got into her stride in January of this year, and already she has, deservedly, won a £70,000 book deal: quite something for a rainy day.

It probably helped to be sort of an insider to begin with - though the approach was apparently out of the blue. It also made me consider what blogs I prefer to read, and it turns out that they are along the lines of the Wife herself; the personal, chatty blogs about personal experiences and everyday life. The triviality is really not a problem: a dull day delicately described can be more of a pleasure to read than an epic adventure tiresomely catalogued.

That said, humourous writing often flourishes best among the everyday. The inspiration (ish) for this blog, PJ O'Rourke, wrote his funniest pieces about very little (though his travel journailsm is also very funny). So, the blogs I read which are funny, fun, engaging and specifically personal, and which I will link as soon as I can face doing that template rubbish again, would include James Lileks, Emily at Doing it all Again, and the Waiter. You can have enough politics...


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