Saturday, August 19, 2006

Street protests

Via Laban, a less than heart-warming tale of demonstrations. To be honest, when I was up, a girl wandering around in an Israeli flag would almost certainly have caused more vocal reaction than she seems to have attracted. But then Oxford has always been a town that attracts demonstrators for leftist causes. Once I was accosted by a smallish group of them (the beards made me think they were probably from Wadham, but this may be a gross slur) and commanded to sign a petition denouncing the involvement of Wafic Said, the arms dealer/philanthropist, in the new Ocford Business School.

It was my response that first made me aware that it was probably time I left Oxford and moved on. "I won't sign that bollocks," I said: "if it wasn't for the Medicis, there'd be no Florence." Few people, I suspect, can look back at their undergraduate days without some sort of shudder, but Jesus Christ...


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