Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Since Iain has become a media darling (or slut depending on your allaegiance) a strange thing has happened to his comments. Once predominantly a bit of an echo-chamber, though not in a particularly sycophantic way, they do now see a lot of contrary comments. I reckon someone at Millbank (or wherever they live now) has put out an all systems call to comment.

Unfortunately, as almost every single one of the comments that support the Government and blame the Conservatives are styled as 'anonymous' its hard to be sure, but this lot:

We are all groaning under the new 18th century monopolists created by Thatcher-Major and have no appeal and no recourse. Anon

well said anon. there's also the point that GNER / Sea Containers donate to the Tories as well......

There's a place for you on the Daily Mail newsdesk just waiting to be filled! Anonymous

It just seems to me that if you're going to put a NuLab point of view on a Tory blog it's better to put some sort of name on it - it's a lot easier to dismiss an anonymong.


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