Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am bemused by all this fuss about DC describing the bulk of UKIP as being loonies, fruit cakes and closet rascists. Everyone knows that this is more or less true - so what is wrong with saying so?

Perhaps this is one of those un-sayable truths - rather like the truism that Lib Dems far from being nice friendly people are lying scumbags who will promise anything to anyone in their desperation for power. Everyone knows this and yet everyone pretends it isn't the case, with the result that the good burghers of Barnes and the West Country actually vote for them. Now that is crazy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can all descend into the sewer, but most of us chose not to. Do you remember which political party used the slogan in the Smethwick election 40 years ago, "If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Liberal or vote Labour."

I think today it would be easy to find racists in all three main parties as well as in UKIP, but Cameron still shouldn’t be shooting his mouth off in this way. He is abusing the word racist which should be reserved for use against the likes of the BNP. He is an embarrassment to the Conservative party by employing slanderous accusations like this against UKIP.

I doubt Cameron is aware of the UKIP manifesto pledge concerning immigration. Here it is,

“All British people, including our ethnic minorities, want immigration brought under control. Having taken Britain out of the EU, the UK Independence Party would aim to approach zero net immigration both by imposing far stricter limits on legal immigrants and by taking control, at last, of the vexed problem of illegal immigration.
UKIP does NOT favour the application of quotas either for legal immigrants or for refugees. We believe the above measures, properly applied, will sufficiently limit the numbers taking up residence here and we shall then, once again, be able to make them all welcome.”

….is this rascist?

I’m sure that Cameron regrets what he said, which was after all an off the cuff comment, and we all put our foot in our mouths occasionally, but he has gone on to show that he doesn’t have the balls to apologise for his gaff. This is a bad sign for the future.

ps. I usually vote Conservative and have never voted for UKIP.

6:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've just been on and a picture of UKIP has been presented by one contributor that makes the Nazi Party sound like a bunch of wishy washy moderate liberals in comparison to UKIP.

This is all very confusing. If one cannot be guided by a party's manifesto, then how can one take up a pro or anti position?

I suppose I'll have to give Cameron the benefit of the doubt once again, or at least review the situation as the story continues to unfold.

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