Thursday, February 02, 2006

Irrelevant, but mildly diverting

Talking about my economics teacher, his transcendental uselessness at economics was amply compensated for by one magnificent moment that still makes me snort milk out of my nose when I think about it. Picture the scene, 12 students desperate with enthusiasm and a desire to learn, confronted by our tracksuited master, casually bouncing a large string bag of footballs as he got the supply and demand curve wrong again. As a peace offering, he said that if any student could trap a thrown football on the back of his neck, we could have the rest of the lesson off (presumably to allow him to read chapter 2 of 'economics for the feeble minded'). One brave student (fortunately not me) took him on and the ball was thrown to him as he sat at his desk.

This stout fella, in an attempt to trap the ball, accordingly ducked his head sharply and, with quite astonishing force, smacked his face into the desk. The thud echoed through the building and our budding economist remained slumped over his desk for a little while as his considerate classmates fought unsuccessfully to control their hysterics. After a minute or so he raised a head that now had a large red bruise stamped in the middle of his forehead, thus proving he was at least alive. In partial compensation for semi-concussing himself, he was allowed to take the rest of the lesson off, albeit to go to the San to be checked for permanent damage.

This all goes to show something, though I'm sure I don't know what.


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